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Data driven NEET Counseling

Our NEET counseling leverages advanced data analysis to personalize your medical school journey. By analyzing past trends and performance metrics, we provide customized recommendations and strategies to maximize your chances of NEET success and securing a coveted seat at a top-ranked medical college.

Expert guidance

Radical Education connects you with experienced consultants for personalized guidance. We offer interactive support throughout your academic and career journey, from schedules to interviews, to all the nitty gritties of your academics ensuring you focus on only what matters and reach your goals.

24x7 support and resources

Never miss a beat with Radical's 24/7 support. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide resources, and guide you through admissions – from midnight inquiries to round-the-clock access. This ensures you have the support and confidence you need to succeed.

Why Students Choose Us as Their Trusted Guide!

Radical Education is your first-class educational guide for overcoming all academic hurdles you may come across. Being the best education consultants in Delhi, we take pride in providing all of our students with individual attention and professional assistance as they take the big steps towards their goals in the future. Whether you want to pursue your education in India or abroad, we are well-informed about every detail and maze of the admission process, and we have the necessary linkages to outstanding educational resources.

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With our encyclopedic knowledge of colleges of nationwide standing, including medical specializations, we ensure that you find the appropriate college to stimulate your aspirations. Allow Radical Education to empower you for a successful career ahead.

With our encyclopedic knowledge of colleges of nationwide standing, including medical specializations, we ensure that you find the appropriate college to stimulate your aspirations. Allow Radical Education to empower you for a successful career ahead.

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Mission and Vision

For us at Radical Education, you're not just a student; you're seen as a future leader, worthy of being equipped with knowledge and experience to fully maximize your educational journey. We serve as your gateway to an enriching and fulfilling educational experience, providing support every step of the way. Let us handle the hassles while you concentrate on what truly matters.


Radical Education welcomes students from all over India seeking guidance in management, engineering, and medical in India & abroad. We understand the complexities of the application process, regardless of where you are in your research journey. Our mission is to empower every student in India with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their future.


Imagine an India where every student thrives. They have the knowledge, skills, and resources to confidently navigate their education. Cutting-edge technology and personalized support empower them to make informed choices about their futures. This unlocks their full potential, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to society. We envision a lifelong learning culture, where students are adaptable and empowered, ensuring every dream has a chance to take flight.

Committed to empowering and delivering results

Radical Education is not only about assistance, but it is also about propelling you to the heights you can reach. We are experts dedicated to supporting you at any point in your academic life as you navigate the different phases of student life. We understand your dreams are the essence of who you are, hence we are suited to help you turn them into reality. Understanding the worth of each student, we invite you to actively partake in the learning process and remain ready to learn where opportunity leads you. Let Radical Education be your mentor on moving towards your desired future, where goals become not the hurdles you must overcome but the desired landmarks you have reached.

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Client's Testimonial

We are Very Happy to Get Our Client’s Reviews

Rahul Student

The consultants provided comprehensive information about various medical colleges, admission requirements, and visa processes. Their attention to detail and quick responses made the entire application process smooth and stress-free.

Vinay Student

I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking guidance for medical college admissions. The consultants are knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated to helping students fulfill their aspirations.

Riya Student

I approached this service with numerous questions and uncertainties about pursuing medical education abroad. The consultants patiently addressed all my concerns and provided expert guidance in securing my admission.

Varun Student

The guidance I received from the consultants here was invaluable. They helped me navigate through the complex process of applying to medical colleges both in India and abroad. I am grateful for their expertise and support.

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Our dedicated team of experts is just a message or a call away. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. We are dedicated to provide you with the guidance and information you need. So don’t wait – take the first step towards a fulfilling career and a world of possibilities. Connect with us today!

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